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Heating and cooking product groups specializing ADİSEL started production in 1972 grew by 40 continuous years in developing its production and Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone. Cooking and manufacturing in the area of ​​product groups ADİSEL heater, electric heater, mini and full size oven, cooktop and its customers with a wide range of products consisting of many products, such as built-in hob is intended to provide the highest quality products.
Production, quality and customer the highest quality products to all our products are CE certified transport company with a mission, as well as compliance to our products has been certified by SGS and TSE standards bodies world-famous.
Leaving their customers with a wide range of specialist teams that time, you can get clear answers to the questions of the customer to the smallest detail, both its own air, which has become an exemplary school with a warm atmosphere.
The world's different geographical areas, the principle is to fully meet different consumer needs, ADİSEL a brand, aims to maintain stable growth in the coming years.
Our products based on customer satisfaction in the organization continues its work in this direction.
Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 4. Cadde No:2 38070 Melikgazi/Kayseri/TÜRKİYE
Telefon : +90 352 322 21 88 (Pbx) Fax : +90 352 322 21 90 adisel@adisel.com.tr
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